The 6 Types of Meetings and Where they Should be Held

May 14, 2019

6 Types of Meetings and Where they Should be Held

The average manager doesn’t put much thought into where his or her meetings are held. After all, most start-up businesses only have one or two conference rooms. What’s the problem with booking one of those? The answer is more complicated than you might think. Did you know that choosing a location that fits the conversation can make meetings more efficient?  Keep reading to determine what type of location is best based on the type of meeting you’re planning to hold.   

Status Update Meetings

Touching base with your team helps keep you in the loop and your employees on the same page. Whether you hold your status update meetings on a monthly, weekly or daily basis, these types of get togethers are typically short and casual, making formal conference rooms unnecessary. Instead, find or create an open space in your office where the team can gather for a quick meetup. This flexible area of your choice can be anything from a standing-height table between workstations to a few bean bag chairs tossed in the middle of the room. Remember, make it casual and keep it fun.

Information Sharing Meetings

Lectures and PowerPoint presentations may not be your favorite, but when they do happen they’re usually pretty important. The goal of this type of conference is for the presenter to share information with the larger group. Whether this comes in the form of an outside agency presenting new services to your team or the president of your company sharing last quarter’s financial results, you’re going to need the right technology to get the job done. A media room is a conference space that has the tools to accomplish this, be that a projector, a lectern, a TV or an audio system. Choose your audio-visual equipment carefully and you’ll always be prepared.

Decision Making Meetings

Most major business decisions are made by a group of people in a formal meeting. Hence, you’ll want to book a formal, private conference room for these ones. Because coming up with thoughtful solutions can take anywhere from an hour to a whole day, you’ll want to select a conference room equipped with ergonomic chairs comfortable enough for attendees to use for an extended period of time. Technology tools and a table large enough to accommodate everyone in the group will also be required. Remember, the table’s size in feet equals the number of people who can comfortably sit around it. A four-foot-wide table can accommodate four people, and a ten-foot-wide table can fit up to ten people.

Problem-Solving Meetings

Another common type of gathering that requires a formal conference room is the problem-solving meeting. This type of conference is essentially the opposite of your status update meetings. Complex and often serious, problem-solving meetings require thoughtful brainstorming backed by statistics that must be agreed upon by the majority of the room before the meeting can be adjourned. Due to the sensitive topics typically discussed in this type of meeting, privacy is of the utmost importance.

Brainstorm Meetings

Brainstorm meetings put innovation at the forefront. As such, it’s best to hold these get-togethers in a space that will spark creativity. Try out an under-used area of your office or take your meeting outside if it’s a nice day. You may also want to consider taking your team off-site for a change in scenery that might inspire new ideas.

Team Building Meetings

Strengthening relationships between co-workers is of the utmost importance in today’s workforce. From company-sponsored lunches to out-of-the-box team building exercises, we strongly recommend taking these gatherings outside of your office. Meeting with one another outside of the building you’re in every day can help employees see each other in a new light, impacting engagement and performance in a positive way.

Now that you know where to hold your meeting, do you know how to start it? Download our free meeting agenda template to help kick off the conversation for maximum engagement and efficiency.

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